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Here are links to other sites that have to do with WW, nutrition theory, or healthy cooking. Click on any link- a new window should open so you can come back here easily. Those marked with asterisks*** are my faves for great recipe ideas.
PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST APPLY YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE CORE PROGRAM TO DETERMINE THE USEFULNESS OF INFORMATION ON THESE LINKS. For example, not every "whole foods" recipe is made of entirely core ingredients. Not every recipe labeled CORE on a personal website may actually be Core. People have made their own interpretations of what is and is not allowed on the the program. You have to make your own determination, hopefully based on knowledge and understanding of the program, about whether any particular piece of information is legitimate. It's your life, your health, your weight, your responsibility.
That said, I hope you find some gems in the links listed below!


AICR Recipe Corner

Barbo's Diet Kitchen

FitnessPartner Weight Management Tips

Inspiration from the SkinnyDailyPost

Kippy2004's Core Meal Ideas***

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Whole Foods Market Recipes***

The World's Healthiest Foods***

Volumetrics: The science behind the Core plan?

jojo404's WW Core Recipe finds